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Apr 27, 2020
I really hate and suck at guitar care so I always take it to a professional for everything but since I can't right now I am trying to handle it myself. I broke a string yesterday, I tried to cut the remaining but a piece of it seem to stuck in tuner peg (no idea how since it should be a literal hole and other side of the string weren't knotted) I tried to pull out it with a plier but I am not sure if whole thing came or a piece of string still in there. I am trying to feed a new string but I can't even see a hole to feed the string its just another smooth layer of metal where the hole should be, can anyone explain how does that freaking tuner works? Thanks.

Nevermind I just realized there is a tuner lock at the back lol I am terrible.
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Aug 26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
If I’m understanding the problem correctly, it just sounds like the locking tuner is in locked position and thus still holding on to a piece of the old string and preventing you from inserting a new one. You can turn the back of the tuner (you’ll see a round piece with grip type texture around it) to unlock the tuner to allow room to take out the old piece and insert the new string. Once you insert the string just lock it back up.


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Jan 24, 2019
That sounds exactly what the issue is, and you will now know the glory of locking tuners and how EASY they make string changes. Unlock the tuner, remove the broken string, pull the new string through the tuner as tight as you can, lock it back up, and tune up. There are some disagreements on how to best pull the string through the tuner (some folks still tie the string like a normal tuner for example) but if you find that part of changing strings frustrating like me, just pull lock and tune.
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