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Nov 17, 2015
Has anybody tried some different humbucker pickups for the HH model. ?
I have tried Dimarzio PAF 36 and Duncan Alnico pro 2. I didn´t like them really.
I would prefer some Dimarzio-model with
pretty normal spectrum. The original HB have no top end and to much mids I think.

Any suggestions ?

Dr. Rock

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Jan 20, 2014
Houston, TX
I recall that Dean Wells did a bridge swap... quick search... a Tone Zone. And a SD JB in his Reflex. I like the 36th in the neck position. Tone Zone I liked better in a neck through, but I have an Air Zone coming in the mail today, which is a tamer more open version of the Tone Zone, but it's not going in my Game Changer.


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Apr 12, 2016
Hey Thomas!
I have HSH model and just replaced bridge with Suhr SSH+. I was't happy with stock ones especially on drive sounds - acoustically and on cleans they were sound great, but too dark and extremely muddy overdriven or distorted.
I selected Suhr because it has cutting highs and quite edgy sound that on my thought was great combination in conjunctions with dark sounding woods used in the body.
Another reason is a bit simpler - triangled legs of pickups leaving not real choice - it is either Di Marzio, Suhr or Bare Knuckles.
I'm very happy with results. So I ordered neck Thornbucker to replace second pick up. Single probably will stay same as there are no triangles legs on the market.
The only issue I got is absence of schematics. The bridge pickup producing some noise while touched so I'm in contact with Suhr of support and will talk to my luther to check wiring colour coding.
I think EB Game Changer has greatest convenience of neck - my absolute fav, and flexibility in routing but stock pups are just very crappy.

Night Goat

Aug 31, 2015
I just swapped out both pickups in my HH. Lundgren Heaven 77 (like a van halen-ish PAF) There must have been something tricksy with those stock OEM Dimarzios because the differance in volume between the settings is MUCH greater now.

On the other hand, the singlecoil settings actually sound more like singlecoils now. The stock ones didnt really do that.

edit: the text in italic was due to my own ****ty soldering. It works fine now.
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