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Mar 29, 2020
Has anyone here replaced the nut on their Majesty before? My question is not necessarily directly linked to a bad nut, actually my issue lies in the clear coat finish that's on top of the nut and around it. It has delaminated (see pictures attached: my guitar is the sapphire blue one, the other guitars are examples sent to me by EBMM customer stating that this is a normal issue).

I have contacted EBMM customer

Here is the first answer I got from CS:
"The area around the nut is considered normal and does not cause any structural or playability issues.
What happens is that the wood shrinks very slightly causing the line.
If yours becomes severe we would fix it but only if it delaminates. Please keep an eye on it and let us know if it becomes larger

We ship many guitars with this line where the nut is.
Here are examples of production models with a similar nut line that we ship out on a regular basis."
(See pictures)

I replied asking if I could have my Majesty repaired (I would pay for the repair). They replied kindly :

Hi Julien,
We do not offer refinishing services outside of warranty issues here at our factory. We will not leave you hanging if this develops into an issue. After having the team review, these do just look like the normal finish lines that show at the nut due to the wood shrinking or expanding and the nut not. Please keep an eye on it and let us know if it gets any worse. Thank you.

The finish lines (or delaminations) at the nut did not get any worse but they are very much annoying me and I would like to get them fixed. Wha


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