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Jul 29, 2014

Is there a place where I can download the Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal Owners Manual?

I want to buy one and want to see the functions, etc.

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Jul 7, 2005
San Luis Obispo
Here are the operating instructions from the manual that comes with the pedal:

MVP Pedal #6182 .
Operating Instructions
• Connect one of the below power sources.
• Connect instrument to IN jack with 1/4" instrument cable.
• Connect OUT jack to amplifier with 1/4" instrument cable.
• (Optional) Connect TUNER jack to electronic tuner with 1/4" instrument cable. The tuner can function
at any time, even when pedal is in heel-down position.
• Rock foot back and forth to create the volume swell effect. In the heel down position the volume will
be at a minimum. In the toe down position, the volume will be at a maximum.
• Rotating the MIN knob will adjust the heel down position from no volume (completely counter
clockwise), to a desired “rhythm” volume (completely clockwise).
• Rotating the GAIN knob will adjust the toe down position from unity gain (completely counter
clockwise), to a desired “solo” gain of up to over 20dB (completely clockwise).
Power Source
Battery: The Ernie Ball MVP pedal comes equipped with a 9 volt alkaline battery. When battery
weakens, sound may distort. To prolong battery life, unplug cable from IN jack when pedal is not in
use. To remove or replace the battery, access the battery door located on the bottom of the pedal.
AC Adapter: The Ernie Ball MVP pedal can alternatively be powered with an AC adapter to deliver a
9 volt DC, 100 mA minimum (not included). We highly recommend using a quality adapter such as the
Ernie Ball Power Adapter (#6198). It is not necessary to remove the battery when using the AC adapter.
The battery will be bypassed and the pedal will be powered solely by the AC adapter. The adapter does
not recharge batteries of any kind.


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Jun 26, 2015
I just got one and I am for advance info this site is really good to see what issues and cure are out there,thanks. As for your slogan it's very appropriate, but think about this You can lead a horse to water but you can't saddle a duck.
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