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Jun 26, 2006

Tubes and tone are a matter of personal preference. As I’ve mentioned, I’m very fond of the JJ 6L6 (I think your new amp uses 6L6?) in the output section. My second choice is Groove Tube’s GT6L6GE, which is Groove tube’s reissue of the old GE 6L6. But these are just my preferences for my tone. Make sure your output tubes are matched, and though I hate to say it, your amp should be rebiased when your output tubes are replaced.

For preamp tubes, I’m fond of the JJ ECC83S , which can be used in every V spot with good results. This combination generally produces some sweet harmonic content with very good highs and lows. For a more straight ahead sound without as rich of harmonics (imo), Electro Harmonix EH12AX7 is pretty popular among Marshall users. For high gain applications, many players like the Sovtek 12AX7LPS. Another good choice, though more spendy is the GT12AX7-M, which is Groove Tube’s reissue of the original Mullard. Whichever preamp tube you choose, it’s a good idea to order one with balanced triodes for your phase inverter spot.

It can get pretty complex if you get into it. I could recommend JJ’s across the board, and I think you’d like them, especially if you like some sweetness with your crunch.

I buy most of my tubes from Doug’s Tubes . If you have questions about anything I’ve said here, Doug will gladly answer them. Or, you can ask here or email me directly. [email protected] .

Hope this helps a little. It’s a bit of a hassle getting into tubes at first, but the results are worth it in spades.

Also, expensive doesn't always equal better. JJ's are pretty cheap, while reissues and NOS are not.

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