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Jul 25, 2004
San Mateo, California, United States
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Nov 25, 2008
1995 sr5

A very clean example from the golden era days, super clean, immaculate condition for being 26 years old, natural finish (yellowing with age) with nice grain in the ash, the rosewood board is reddish in hue also with a nice vertical grain.
$1500 [email protected] Many thanks


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Jan 16, 2003
Dall-Ass, TX
Bongo 5 HH


I call this the Hot Wheels Bongo for obvious reasons. It began its adventures as a Stealth model but someone apparently needed more excitement. Underneath its gaudy exterior, it’s a great bass with all the usual Bongo stuff. 18v preamp, 4 band tone controls, etc.

I’m not sure this was a pro refinish. Up in the upper reaches of the neck, you can feel a little ‘tooth’ on the paint on the back. I assume with some wanky, show-off playing, this would smooth out like the vast majority of the neck. It’s not very noticeable but full disclosure and all that. I haven’t been man enough to pull the pickguard so you can ask what’s underneath it, but I don’t know. For 50 dollars, I’ll look.

Strung with Cobalt Flats and it records very well indeed. I do love that pan knob. Figure about 100 bucks for shipping, and I do have a hardshell case for it.

HotWheelsBongo92.jpg HotWheelsBongo91.jpg HotWheelsBongo93.jpg
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