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Oct 22, 2020
No, by success story I don't mean I've become a well off career rock n roll guitarist.

I got a used (like new) Reflex HH with piezo and Game Changer circuit a couple of weeks ago.
Having the Game Changer circuit was probably the least important consideration in my deciding to buy the Reflex. I was more interested in a guitar with chambered body with mahogany center block, hard tail bridge, rosewood fretboard, and those great sounding Axis pickups.
Kind of a contrast to my two Axis Super Sports which have maple fretboards and trems.

The bridge humbucker setting will probably be the one I use most often, and that's covered.
But I discovered that a couple of the settings have the piezo layered with the magnetic pickups. I decided that the piezo layered with the magnetic pickups with parallel coil configurations would probably give me some hi fi, glassy clean tones.

So I went on Music Man's site, found the Game Changer app page, and though installing the Chrome extension was unfamiliar territory, I followed the instructions and had it installed in a few minutes.
Then I found the correct USB cable and had my Reflex hooked up to the computer with no problems. The web app recognized what model guitar I have as well as the pickup combinations currently programmed in it, and I was able to easily start editing pickup combinations.

I didn't do anything too ambitious, just added the piezo to a few positions in Bank B.

I also learned that these guitars apparently let you route the piezo output separate from the magnetic pickups by using an insert cable with a TRS end. For recording clean tones in my home studio I might make use of this and route the magnetic and piezo to different tracks. Or I might record a mono signal with the two layered.

Hopefully the web app will continue to be available when Windows 11 come around. But as of today, I can report that I had no issues other than never having installed the extension before.
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