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Sep 8, 2021
Haha, as the title goes! I have been deliberating for months over which EBMM model to get next. I'm not convinced that was enough thinking time but availability is super limited and they sell like hotcakes. I currently play a JP15 Cerulean Paradise, my first EBMM guitar, and a SBMM Majesty ICR. The latter gets a lot more play than the former just for being a more playable guitar.

It was out of the JPXI-7, a used 2006 JP7 in Mystic Dream, a JP15 with an ebony fretboard in the 'Eminence Purple' BFR variant, a BFR JP7 trans ruby flame, and a Majesty 7. I ruled out the JP7 due to the age of those instruments and wanting to ensure the internal hardware is reliable; I have been told that the electronics changed around 2012-13 and are much more reliable thereafter. The JP15 is nice, but I already own one, and the ebony was a little too light for my tastes. The BFR JP7 was probably my favourite in terms of looks, and closest to what JP played at the legendary 'LTE Live in LA' concert, but I have a strong preference for ebony fretboards, and at this price range, its a pretty significant deal if the fretboard wood isn't my favourite. As for the Majesty, I can't really get over the looks, but they are probably the most playable and possibly the best of the bunch.

So, I went for the JPXI. And after hearing people's opinions on that guitar online, I feel I am in for a treat! I would have liked an unfinished neck, but I hear that EBMM do it right and so a finished neck shouldn't be much of a concern. I actually saw a JPXI rosewood for sale, with a completely unfinished rosewood neck, but the dealbreaker was that it had a rosewood fingerboard also (see above). It would also have been nice to have a nicer finish than the onyx like those offered on the other guitars I mentioned, but at the end of the day, playability is manifold more times important than cosmetics and I think I've picked a very playable guitar! Can't go wrong with any EBMM. I'm super excited to check out the 20" neck radius. If I end up liking it, I might have to pick up a used JP12 which shares the same features as the JPXI but with a basswood body.


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Oct 17, 2017
You'll love it! I play a 6-string version as my main guitar. Don't worry about the finished neck - I was hesitant as well, having played a JP6 for years, but the finish feels great, as does the ebony board. The sound will likely be a bit tighter than your JP15, but I find it to be an extremely versatile guitar.
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