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May 28, 2020
After a couple of weeks' worth of bedroom use (this happened during corona time), the volume calibration of the pedal went off. I started getting lower and lower values every time I went from heel to toe down, until it mostly stayed at 0, with occasional increases to seemingly random values (in the video you can see the pedal reaching a 6, then a 2, a 1 and zero).
The input side of the pedal is healthy, as you can see from a proper operation of the tuner.
The cable is intact and the components seem to move and spin as they should.

I've promptly got a replacement (silver edition though, EB6201) from the shop where I bought it from. I've had the new one for a few days now and it has been working fine, but I can't help being a bit worried. I decided to upload this video to see whether anyone else has had the same issue or it was just a single, faulty unit.

Video here:


Apr 19, 2014
Monroe Twp, NJ
I've had mine for a few days and I'm already seeing wonky behavior. 1. The volume lines get staticy looking some times and wrinkled. Only the display, it doesn't seem to effect the sound. 2. The tuner doesn't track particularly well with my Spector 4 string bass. I'm tuning "A" and it jumps to "E" and then back to "A", not very stable. 3. I have noticed that the volume number to sound changes some times, as described by the OP. 4. A suggestion for EB, since people were not born with clear feet it would be great if the volume numbers could be displayed on the side of the display as well as in the middle so that one could see the volume numbers while the foot is actually on the pedal, instead of having to remove the foot to see what number you're at.

Re: problems 1-3, I may request a replacement pedal to see if another pedal is better before I bag the whole idea,
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