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Feb 21, 2021
Hi all!!

I want to set my new sr4 (2013) with low action. Is it possible to set the low action without having any fret buzz o should I have to find that sweet spot in between ?

I have a sbmm ray34ca with a nice low action set but have many fret buzz along the neck which most of them only sound “loud” when I’m not plugged it, but then through the amp is not so annoying.

Is it inevitable the fret buzz when your are setting a really low action set or maybe i should keep on working with the trust rod ?? (flea style finger playing)

Also should I have the pickup also really lowered to avoid hitting the picking when hard finger playing ? Sometimes is a bit annoying when the string hit the magnets (I have those pickups with the E and D string magnets a bit higher)

Any suggestion for the best setting for low action in general?


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Aug 30, 2005
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Never had an SBMM, but do know that a mag PU too close to the strings doesn’t help matters any, especially if heavy strings which increase the magnetic attraction. Cobalts sound great but I lower my PU all the way cuz cobalts provide the strongest magnetic effect.

Anywho, some players want low action plus a really high PU, and thaz a recipe for buzz. And acoarst downtuning reduces tension and that also makes a high PU more troublesome.
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