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Sep 12, 2018
Hi there, EB fan here and happy owner of a ray34ca that needs a new set of strings.
I dont like the feel of flatwounds (tried it on a friend's bass) so i am considering only roundwounds. I dont really mind if steel or nickel, as long as the strings are as flexible as possible or as low tension as possible.
I've searched a lot of info on the web but what i found was just comparison of flexibility/tension across different brands and not within one brand (in my case Ernie Ball).

Thanks in advance.


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Mar 25, 2018
Depending on what kind of flex you want, I would look more at a lower gauge string. Slinky RW have a decent amount of flex, try a lower gauge.

There has always been a group...myself included that think a pure round center string and not hex-core is a much easier string to bend.

Yes, there is a difference in manufacturers as to the center core of the bass string. The hex-core digs into the round wound portion and holds on really well, where the round doesn't bite as much.

Good examples...ernie balls are hex core....they feel tighter than when I use rotosound rounds.

But when I went down in gauge, all of the sudden I had more string bend. When I went to EBMM cobalts, I discovered a different string altogether. They have a mixed feel to me, and I would bet they are even higher tension, but I dont have the data.

I would try the cobalts and see what you think....I'm never switching until something that makes me poop my pants comes out. Just try different gauges.

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