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Please understand that Ernie Ball is the only guitar manufacturer to provide a “For Sale Or Trade” service. This service is also free of charge. It is expected that the rules are strictly adhered to by all posters who use this privilege.

The rules, set out below, have evolved over time at the collective request of fellow Forum members in an attempt to overcome issues that have arisen from time to time.

*Sellers, Buyers and Traders are to take full responsibility for their transactions. EB will not accept liability.
*Disputes will not be mediated nor resolved by EB or Moderators.


1) Before posting an advert you will need a posting history of at least 25 previous posts throughout the Forum over a period of at least one month. Most importantly, you must be a contributing member of good standing in the forum community. In borderline cases, Moderators will review your posting history and will remove your advert if they deem necessary. 'Serial posting' in an attempt to obtain 25 posts in a short time period of time is not allowed.

2) Only EB/MM items may be advertised.

3) No advertising for a friend.

4) In the case of a sale, state the selling price.

5) Asking for payment by PayPal gift option is not allowed.

6) Do not link your post to an on-line auction (e.g. Ebay) or to any other media where you may have placed your advert.

7) No comments please. If you need to compliment, ask/answer questions, or negotiate then do so by private message.

8) Posts will expire after a month but you are at liberty to re-post your advert after that time if you wish.

9) Please delete posts when transactions have been finalized.

10) Please limit the number and size of photographs in your posts. Maximum of 5 photos per post (less is OK too). You can privately share more photos with interested buyers when they contact you.

Note: Failure to observe any of the above rules will result in automatic deletion of your posts and, in some cases, the possibility of being either temporarily or permanently banned.

Many thanks!
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Folks, please keep the number of photos in your F/S post to no more than 5, so as to limit the amount of scrolling people have to do to get through the thread. If people are interested you can share more photos with them directly when they contact you.

Many thanks!


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2016 EBMM Cutlass SSS for TRADE

Great white on white SSS Cutlass (2016).

Posted a stray-style and NGD about the beauty not long's a great axe, but my playing style and ear really prefer the humbuckers/mini humbucker sound.

Hoping to trade for a St. Vincent with the 3 minis.

Hoping to work something out at the forum instead of the GC. IMG_4302.JPG


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Ernie Ball Musicman BFR Luke III.

This guitar is one of 65 in the world. It was a limited release that quickly sold out. The shadow gold color was only released on this particular run of Luke III's. Unlike regular Luke III's, this one features a mahogany body, roasted flame maple neck with ebony fretboard, and stainless steel frets. It has the DiMarzio Transition pickups and the 20db boost on a push push volume pot.

The photos really don't do the color of the guitar any justice. It's absolutely stunning in person. The backplate has been signed by Steve Lukather.

It comes complete with original hardshell case, paperwork, and goodies from the factory.

$2600 shipped and paypal'd (trades considered would be a Luke III HSS in buttermilk + cash, EVH)


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Looking to trade my LUKE III Tumescent HSS (40 of 300) for a LUKE III Tumescent HH model. Guitar is in near mint condition with OHSC and all case candy. May be coerced into other LUKE III HH models as long as it has the roasted maple neck.



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Two AL HH Pickguards

Hi All,

I have two pickguards for an AL HH (USA). One is black, the other white. $25 each or $40 for both, shipped and paypalled in the continental US.



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EBMM Silo Special SSS, Hardtail, CAR

Hi All,

I have a nice 2004, EBMM Silhouette Special, hardtail, in Candy Apple Red. In very good shape and plays really well. Neck pickup had a short so I replaced it with an SD Lil '59, which I think complements the other pups nicely. Sale includes the original neck pup and OHSC. Weight is a nice 7.5lbs.

Price is $1100 shipped and paypalled to the continental US. Please, no trades.




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2009 Black Luke II w/ BFR rosewood neck

Selling a mint condition 2009 Black Luke II with the upgraded BFR Rosewood neck. Can't get pics to upload but will send them to those interested via email. Case is in good condition save for the bottom insert becoming unglued--still protects everything just fine. 1650.00 shipped and paypal to the continental US only.
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Hi, I'm interested in trading my luke3, black with rosewood neck for a Supersport (not hardtail). Will add pics later. I'm in south wales in the UK.


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For Sale: 2016 EBMM Axis SS - Trans Gold Quilt

Guitar has never left my music room (a non-smoking room). Guitar is in mint condition. Selling because I have another Axis SS BFR and I don't really need two of the same guitar. $2175 with free shipping in US.


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I've been on this forum some time now and thoroughly enjoyed my Ernie Ball guitars and in the past, working at some of the exhibitions in the UK for Strings n Things - during those, I used to get some free-be's that I used to give away on "Spuds online Xmas parties".
Anyway, I'm left with my two Albert Lees - THAT I'M KEEPING lol. But I have some stuff that I'd like to sell off now that I'm retired and will help fund some parts for my DeLorean. :)

First off, for £99 is a Music Man 5983 Hardshell Guitar Case it will fit a Silo, Axis, EVH, Albert Lee and JP6 ... a Luke 3 (and I assume a Luke 1 and 2 ? )
Bump edit case still for sale due to 2 time wasters.
Next up for £49 is a brand New Piezo preamp - it was going to be for my JP6 renovation, but I didn't actually need it.

Next I have lots of MM endorsee photos - some signed some not - including a signed Eric Clapton photo who I know was a big fan of the MM amps and a lot of unique MM plectrums - would people be interested in these as I would like them to go to a true MM fan who will cherish them - the same as myself. Please pm me and I'll discuss further. Thank you
Being retired, and in my mid 60's it's time to pass on "the baton".

e mail
spudwales at gooooooooglemail dot commmmm
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73h Nils

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JP13 6 - PDN Cardinal Red Sparkle w/Chrome DiMarzios

Okay, I listed this awhile ago and then thought I couldn't let myself sell it so I pulled the ad. After spending some more time playing it, I've decided after all that I would really like to let it go. 7 strings ftw for me.

Excellent condition, chrome Dimarzio Dominions, case candy etc. all included. I don't have the original pickups. Will also come with an EB strap.

I'd like to get 2,150 USD shipped Con-USA. I will pack like it's going through a warzone.

Oct 8: Still available!

IMG_7366.jpg IMG_7359.jpg IMG_7356.jpg IMG_2145.jpg
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2008 Silo Special Limited Edition $1,200 USD CONUS Only

Hi All,

I just got another EBMM and can’t justify having so many guitars. This is a 2008 Silhouette Special SSS Limited Edition in great condition. I can’t find a flaw on the guitar and it’s only been used within non smoking homes (my house and my drummer’s house). It comes with the original LE case. I will only sell and ship CONUS. I’ll be posting this in my local Craigslist site as well.

This is by far the hardest guitar finish I’ve tried to take pics of. The pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s a cloudy day here and the lack of sun is limiting the pop of the finish. If you search for images of the EBMM Sequoia Gold LE models, you’ll probably find much more accurate photos of how beautiful this color is. It’s very unique.






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For sale, Axis supersport neck pickup, in good condition, all working as it should with plenty of wire. In the UK £75 posted. Would look at international post.


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FOR SALE: EMBB Axis pickguard

Lightly used, drilled excellent condition, light signs of use. Chandler mfg. Gloss, three-ply B/W/B, S/S/H (EMG humbucker shape). Originally installed on my 1997 Axis Sport. $40.00 PayPalled and shipped CONUS

Best to e-mail me at [email protected] for the quickest response.

NOTE: Last one. All others have sold.


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Looking at unloading either my 2018 NAMM JP7 in Firemist Gold (Petrucci demo and Jason Richardson played), or my 2017 NAMM Majesty Marrone.

Looking at $1800 for the JP7, which is pretty much 'new' save for a small surface blew by the piezo knob, which can't be seen unless the light hits it just right.

The Maj would be around 2K. The bridge has anodized a bit, so not as new in that regard. But still, overall EX+ condition. Both guitars have been used in a studio recording environment only.

Only looking to lose one of them for another EBMM purchase, so when one goes, I'll pull the ad.
Having trouble uploading images, just hit me up in DM and I'll shoot them over.


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For Sale
Jason Richardson Cutlass 6 String in Rorschach Red for Sale.

Have owned this for a couple of months but need to let it go as I haven't been playing it as much as I hoped. Mint PM me for more details and pictures.




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Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve Axis Super Sport 2018 Aqua blue quilt

Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve Axis Super Sport 2018 Aqua blue quilt First $2500 shipped US48 gets it!You are bidding on a LIKE NEW guitar I own 38 Axis models just trying to downsize- I have the same model in purple MY favorite color just trying to sell doubles and triples! VERY LITTLE play time since purchased new. Comes with BFR cert.
2018 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis super sport BFR limited run
24 of 35
Aqua blue bound quilt top on a mahogany body
Bound mahogany neck with a rosewood board and stainless frets
Custom wound factory DiMarzio pickups
5-way blade switch with coil splits. Does a great tele and Strat tone!!!
Locking Schaller tuners
Ernie Ball trem with pop-in arm...
Smoothest trem I've ever played!!
Incredible tuning stability even with deep dives.
Original case in mint condition
All paperwork including COA
Guitar has been kept in a smoke-free home.
Never gigged
Always stored in her case
Truss rod works perfectly
Guitar sounds and plays absolutely amazing! Super low action with no fret buzz
ships with factory case
20210421_123442.jpg 20210421_123520.jpg 20210421_123332.jpg 20210421_123345.jpg


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Steve Morse Y2D Dark Lord

For Sale: Steve Morse Y2D Dark Lord with COA, OHSA, Case Candy
Condition: Excellent

Price Drop: $2000 + Shipping (negotiable)

Only played a handful of times.





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