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Dec 29, 2002
Marquette, Mi
In the late 1970’s rock music underwent a great change. This change brought rock and roll out hibernation and squashed the six year span of disco. The person who single handedly gave rock a shot in the arm was none other than Eddie Van Halen. Hippie rebellion had worn thin by the early seventies, and Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin had all just previously died. The youth of this period was growing tired with the same old same old, these kids wanted to care less and party more and disco was the perfect pill for their illness. Disco dance halls were built in every city and the places that use to rock were now playing disco. Polyester and short hair flourished. It looked like the new medium was here to stay, but eventually kids got older and disco was growing cold. In 1978 a band by the name of Van Halen jumped on the scene. Heavy rhythms and inventive melodic tunes of a new rock were in the air, and it was good. Eddie Van Halen’s style of playing was so fresh and exiting, that everyone and their brother was copying him, and by the end of the eighties so many bands had copied Van Halen, that their type of music started to become a joke. Grunge came around, and went, and now New Metal is what is being played on the radio. Although this has happened, it does not take away from the good and happy times Eighties melodic rock produced. We now live in a dark depressing musical period, and this is enforced by today’s youth, represented in the clothes that they wear, and the attitudes that they display. Guitar melody is lacking in today’s music, and would make society happier.
Turn on the radio to a rock station today and you get pummeled with hopelessness and despair. This current era of music is black and depressing. Even if the lyrics try to convey a good message, the message comes at you with a low growl and anger accompanies it. It is like 20 different bands have the same singer. The bands all wear black and seem to be rebelling about something, and the guitarists are all clones of each other. Nothing in the rock industry has stood out since grunge was implemented king in 1992 and now it is all a black murky smear, which lacks any individuality. Here is your proof, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Creed, and so many more bands that it is impossible to name them.
On the other hand, the bands of the eighties did do the same incestuous things that the bands do nowadays, but people wore bright clothes and the songs were melodic and fun.
If their was happier music in rock and roll, there would be happier kids.

(I forgot all of the whipped whiney singers) got a B-
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