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Fox Volpe

New member
Aug 28, 2021
Hi All,
Great community! I need help making sense of this build code that I got from the Serial Number Database (very cool this exists for EB guitars!)

The Build Code is: 320-QG-11-00-CS-CR

Does Serial in this code tell me it's a Custom Shop build and a Axis Super Sport with a basswood body? I don't want it if it is ash or alder. Thanks!


Jul 8, 2006
Somewhere between Paris and Buffalo
There is no music man custom shop (not in the way Fender or Gibson do) and if it was a one-off instrument that is not part of the build code. The body wood is not part of the build code either. The build codes are...

Body - Color - Neck - Pickguard - Case - Hardware

In your case, 320 = Axis Super sport, trem, HH; QG is the color; 11 = maple neck with matching headstock; 00 = no pickguard; CS = standard case; CR = chrome heardware
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