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Hey All, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm from Vancouver, B.C. Canada and last week bought my first EBMM guitar, a 2018 Cutlass RS SSS, what a beautiful guitar!!

Having never owned an EBMM before I was blown away by the build, sound and attention to detail on these guitars!!

Then this week I'm walking down the street and there in the window of an obscure little local music shop is a well worn, but beautiful Albert Lee SSS, needless to say the price was right and I now find myself with 2 EBMM guitars in the last week!!

Anyway, pouring over the forum trying learn all I can learn about EBMM guitars and hope to add to the forum where I can and ask questions when I can't find what I need on the "Search"




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Welcome Moleng1! Generally, people tend to start a new thread with questions.

Congrats on the new guitars and we need pictures! :)


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Hi moleng1 and welcome! 2018 Cutlass RS was my first EBMM, too. Sometimes call it the gateway drug, I'm up to 3 guitars and a Stingray Special bass.

First things first, the rule around here is it doesn't exist without pics...


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I have pics of the Cutlass, but none of the AL yet, will post those when I get home on the weekend.


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