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New member
May 10, 2020
Germany, Frankfurt
I purchased my new Majesty 4 weeks ago. Since 3 days I recognize a crackle and scratching sound if I use the volume Poti, even in push position. This is more pronounced if I use high gain sounds. Especially the first third turn from maximum gain to low gain is affected. I do not have this with my other guitars.
Thus the majesty is brand new I am very frustrated and cannot belief that this might be due to dirt or dust in the pot. Is this a defect in the preamp? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance


Jul 8, 2006
Somewhere between Paris and Buffalo
Welcome to the forum, Sabouyama!

It's almost certainly just the pot. Remember that every component has a small but non-zero failure rate. This is exactly why we have warranties.

If you bought the guitar new from a European dealer, you are covered under warranty and it will be fixed by your dealer. Contact them.
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