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Nov 30, 2011
East Lancashire, England
I went over to Frets Guitar Centre, in Cleveleys, to check out some Musicman Stingray RS's.
What appealed to me about the model, is that it is a no nonsense rock guitar.
2 (alnico 5) humbuckers, one tone, one volume and a 3-way pickup selector.
No coil tapping or reverse phase switching, although the 21st century Stingray does have a modern tremolo and locking tuners.
The guitar's aesthetic is asymetrical or offset, with a retro, chrome control plate and a slab body.
It's business like, built for a purpose, yet it still has some charm and is just a little bit different.
There are a large number of colour options for the Stingray.
They had 3 in, at Frets.
Vintage Torquoise, Buttercream and a BFR (Ball Family Reserve) model, with a natural (gloss) mahogany body and gold hardware.
I played all 3 and liked every one.
EBMM guitars have superb necks (this'll be my 6th) and all 3 Stingrays played beautifully.
For looks, the roasted figured maple on the vintage turquoise's neck and headstock looked the nicest.
All 3 had the same, great pickups, that had a raw yet responsive and nuanced quality.
That may sound contadictory but that's how they seem to me.
The EBMM trem system is smooth, as always and my favourite tuners, Schaller locking, do their job, just how you'd want.
For feel and tone I'd have been happy to have brought home any one of the 3.
Firstly though, I discounted the BFR model.
It was only £350 more and it is by far the most glamourous of the 3.
But that extra bling for me, didn't go with the Stingray's overall aesthetic of no nonsense, rock machine.
Of course, the Stingray RS could be used in many different styles of music but I felt the BFR was just too elegant looking for me.
I loved both the Buttercream and Vintage Turquoise finishes.
The Buttercream having a lovely, classic, retro look to it.
It was probably the gorgeous neck and head, on the Vintage Turquoise, that swung it for me.
I really like it's subtle, metallic flake finish, too.
Now home, I'm enjoying running through some songs and riffs and finding that this new Stingray sounds really nice, clean and dirty.


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Mar 30, 2019
I bought one on impulse -- didn't get to try it first -- kind of disappointed at first. Played stiff, weirdly bright humbuckers. Slowly got the action down to where it was nearly identical to my Cutlass, which is to say the best-playing guitar I've ever touched. Then yesterday was goofing around with the FM3 and found a bunch of settings where those pickups sounded exactly right & beautiful. Took me a while to get there but let the honeymoon begin.
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