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Jun 15, 2008
New York
Welcome to Day 15 of my annual New Year's New Guitar Days (NYNGD)!

Thanks for the kind words and comments on NYNGD #2016-14!

OK, down to the wire now! There are three NYNGD left... The last three guitars are all pretty special, and I had a hard time deciding which order to present them! I find that's the hardest thing each year -- as I get to the grand finale I usually have two or three guitars that all COMMAND their place on the podium. But only one can lead, and the other two need to settle for silver and bronze. It's painful to choose. I soooo want today's NYNGD to be the finale...

So... As most of you know, the more rare EBMM Edward Van Halen guitars are, in this order: Translucent Green, Translucent Pink, Piano Black, and Vintage Goldtop. I am pleased to say that today's NYNGD is a stunning Trans Pink EBMM EVH guitar. This guitar was born in San Luis Obispo on March 4, 1993. I acquired it in November 2016 from a shop in Tokyo, Japan. Twenty three years and eight months after it was born! No, it's not mint, but it sure is stunning. Minor marks here and there, but nothing you can see from two feet away.

The top is so cool on this one. A medium-quality quilt top (again, if we're being honest there were not a ton of AAAAA top EBMM EVH's back in the day), it's got cool vertical grain lines in between the quilts. Unfortunately I couldn't capture it in photos. It's also a top that you would call un-faded, although there are spots where the curls in the quilt top just subtly show a creamy brown tint. Creamy is the word that just pops into my head. You can see it most near the volume knob. I liken this less to fading and more to the dye "seeping in" and getting more character over time.

And my God, does this guitar sound amazing. Imagine playing a C on the 5th fret, G-string, and then you just hold the note with slow, wide left hand vibrato. It will just sing for 15 seconds and every second that goes by the fur is rising on your neck. This is a guitar that has been seasoned for almost 24 years and it's a wonderful, wonderful thing. I admit, I bought it because it was a great condition Trans Pink with a decent quilt top -- but I never counted on it sounding so great! So much for storing this away in the vault for safe keeping!

Unlike most of my used EBMM's, I didn't "clean this one up" -- instead, I left it with its patina, like the oxidation on the strap buttons. I'll probably swap out the trem bar though, as the chrome on the bar is flaking and gritty and uncomfortable. But everything else is great as-is!

I hope you guys dig this as much as I do!









I'll be back in the next day or so with another NYNGD: New Year's New Guitar Day!

Thanks for looking everyone!


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(The back story in case you're new to my NYNGD: For the past couple of years I've done a fun thing that most of you I think enjoyed, and I thought I would do it again this year. Every year, I am a slacker about keeping my Guitar Gallery up to date... So, as a fun holiday thing, let's launch a guitar in the Guitar Gallery each day leading up to New Years Eve! In the past I've received PM's about my collection and whether I play all of these guitars. :) The same question came up during my NYNGD posts a few years ago and my answer was pretty detailed and well thought-out, so please check it out here!)

(Also, in case anybody gets any funny ideas -- these guitars are not at my house. They are all in my very secure and alarmed studio facility. I usually only have two guitars floating around the house...)

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May 11, 2003
This was the first EBMM I have ever played in 1997, a pink EVH, was about to get it but at the time for me this was really a lot of money.

Congrats mate so happy you got that one.
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