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Jun 21, 2016
Jamestown, TN
Hey guys, I have a 25th Anny Reflex and a Luke III. Which Musciman guitar is the smallest overall in the company? My luke is a perfect fit, so much better than my Strat. However, I am coming out of 3 years playing headless guitars that are about 4 lbs and tiny. Just wondering the the smallest they have.
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Jul 8, 2006
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Silhouette Special is possibly the smallest physically, a little smaller than the Luke III (which is slightly enlarged compared to the previous Lukes). That said, the Axis guitars as lightly shorter than the Silo Special, according to the website and my Silo Special is heavier than my cutlass which is physically larger. Variation in wood density aside, I think that's mostly due to the weight of the Silo's brass trem block vs the Cutlass's aluminum block. The Cutlass also has a slightly thinner body.
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