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New member
Oct 17, 2021
Hi everybody, I'm a new owner of a Sterling Luke 100 (the model with MM/Sterling pickups). I read everywhere the 12dB is on when the volume pot is lifted but, on my guitar, it seems it's working the other way round (the volume slightly drops when the pot is lifted).
If it were only a matter of "reverse operation" of the pot I can deal with it, but the difference between the two positions is so small that is almost impossible to detect with medium/high gain and you can only hear it very very slightly on clean channel, certainly not a 12 dB difference. Is there a way (a multimeter or something) to check wether it's working correctly or not?
N.B. I tested the 9v battery and it's ok..
Thank you for your help


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Mar 10, 2021
This might sound stupid and I'm not sure if the Sterling is the same but have you tried pushing the put instead of pulling? My MM Lukes are push-push and wonder if you're just lifting the pot but not engaging the boost. Assuming its working right or is push-pull, then have you tried doing it with a clean signal? what happens then?

I won't pretend to be an audio engineering expert but I've noticed similar behavior in my past experience when using boosts with a lot of gain. I believe there is a ceiling up front when you throw too much gain into the mix - then that stops the boost from having a significant impact. I find boosts (even pedals like the EHX LPB-1) work better clean or with moderate gain.
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