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Nov 10, 2021
I have a Stingray Special 5 HH and the tone has always been extremely bright and metallic sounding. Last night the tone got really boomy and bassy - everything set flat on bass and amp. Boomy like double the bass if turned up all the way. So I unplugged and plugged back in. When I did I finally got that SRS5 sound that I had heard on every YouTube vid and everyone on the forums was talking about, as well as the tone I got from the others I demo'd at the Guitar Center. I couldn't put it down. But when I did unplug and plug back in, I'm back to the bright metallic sound again. Ugh!!

I know without seeing the bass or hearing it, it's hard to suggest something. But....

1. Could this be the pre-amp?
2. Bad connection from my output jack? My output jack has always felt a little loose to me. It connects and I get sound, no crackles, but it doesn't have a firm audible snap when I plug in.
3. Loose wire or ground?

Anyone ever have something like this happen?

Thanks, Phin.
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