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Mar 29, 2005
I don't play covers anymore,,, I used too though and the straw that broke that camels back was when I had to play "what I hate about you" by ugly kid Joe live at a block party in front of about 400 people! yup told them to kiss off after that gig and never looked back...

but anything by Tom Petty would of done it too because I really hate Tom Petty, no offence to the TP fans out there but I was subconsciously haunted for years by his bottom lip glued to his lower jaw raspy sounding voice,, and I blame that on a girl I was dating that loved Tom Petty,, Musically I'm sure the guy is great no insults there...

to the guy above about Jimmy Buffett,, Gawd yeah there's another one man I'd smash my bass off the ground and give up music right there if I had to play that..... but seriously that Bum Hole makes his whole audience sit through two hours of garbage to hear the only two hits he ever had and he is laughing all the way to the bank which a little birdie says isn't anywhere near the Florida keys.
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