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Robert Marcus

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Apr 24, 2017
And I never "made it" in the business which is a cruel and vicious business. Despite having attended jazz classes at the U of Miami with friends Mark Egan, Will Lee, Bruce Hornsby, Narada Michael Walden and Jaco Pastorius, when Will suggested I move to NYC to get established, I froze. This was the 70's and NYC, unless one had some bread to stay safe, I knew no one and Will was off Dreams and onward and upward doing and singing jingles galore and reaping tons of union cash. No need to speak of his 30 years or so with Letterman. But Will reads like a bat outta Hell and I didn't pursue that. I did commercial work for Clarence Reid at TK for some of his acts including Blowfly. Anyone not hip to Blowfly should absolutely find him on YouTube. At 65 it's pretty much all downhill for me personally. Live music as I knew it has died. Locals endure insane working conditions to show up every night at a different location for a multitude of jams with people who aren't really acts in Blues type stuff. There's been no love for me here in the St. Pete area. There is no scene and those who could be helping to create one, namely Jeff Berlin in Clearwater, plain aren't. Everyone is strictly for himself. The Tampa Bay area is perhaps the most culturally decimated area on Earth. How I wish I knew of places where there are viable music scenes. Despite my age, I remain formidable and utterly adaptable as is my art -- accompanist whose job #1 is listening, then working to create anyone's groove in R&B, Blues -- human music. I am also looking to resurrect best I can my home based PC DAW to write and produce for others even through file sharing. Enough about me. Hope to hear from others.
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