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New member
Nov 11, 2021
Haven't seen much news on the state of the EBMM Sterling line, any idea when we are going to see new colors for the instrument?

I've thrown together a *rough* MS Paint mockup of what I'd love to see in a hypothetical Sterling Special..

- 24 frets, neck-thru design (to help with access to those higher frets)
- Retain ceramic pickups, but bring the neck closer to the bridge pickup (Warwick $$ style).
- 18v electronics
- Controls are Volume, Blend, Bass/Treb, and Hi-Mid/Lo-Mid stacked.
- 3 way selector for each pickup (Series, Single coil w/ Phantom, and Parallel)
- Peizo bridge would be awesome, but probably wishful thinking.
Sterling mockup.jpg


New member
Jun 4, 2021
What at least could happen are new colors.

"Color discontinued - New colors coming soon!" That's what the EBMM Homepage is saying for the last 12+ months

I am wondering why EBMM is still listing the USA made Sterlings in their catalogue...they are treating the Sterling like an unwanted child that you want to leave the house.
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