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Aug 23, 2005
Cardiff, United Kingdom
I've been out of a band for over a year what with work and I accepted the invitation to deputise for one of their guitarists playing with a very well established Welsh covers band called Glasshouse. So I was provided with two set lists and I burnt the midnight oil learning some new numbers.
The other night I had a rehearsal with them at a rehearsal studio and "passed the audition".
I didn't really know what the other guitarist was doing at the time when he took a selfie of the rehearsal and here is the result ...

So I thought what a good idea if you guys posted "selfies", and here's the rules (based on the Forum ground rules)
  • The selfie must contain MM content (I'm with my BCB Al and my MM RD50 112).
  • This selfie thread is not an excuse to parade non EB gear although I'm sure that some non EB gear will sometimes be on display. We're a well moderated lot here so I'm sure the mods will delete it if you overstep the mark.
  • The selfie should show you with the band in a rehearsal space or live at the venue.
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