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Sep 22, 2016
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Someone was nice enough to get me a set of "Killer Brass Keyhole Saddles".

I've always liked the look of brass saddles on Teles, so I had thrown these on my wishlist a while back just for kicks. The 2-1/16" version is a perfect fit and I really like how they look now that I threw them on... more than I even thought I would.

Obviously very subjective... but I figured I post some pics here in case anyone had the same idea and was curious how it would work out.

I don't notice any change in sound quality, which means it still sounds incredible. The screws don't protrude(except ever so slightly on the high E)... so palm muting is more comfortable, but the bent steels didn't really bother me much before.

They also offer more standard styled brass blocks but, unfortunately, no barrels. ;)

Take care all and have a Happy New Year!

IMG_3176.HEIC.jpg IMG_3179.HEIC.jpg IMG_3182.HEIC.jpg IMG_3183.HEIC.jpg
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