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Jun 15, 2008
New York
Hey all:

So... one of our brothers is down right now. As you all know, after a rough year Casey Ball has recently had a kidney transplant (replacing the kidney Sterling donated back in the early '90s) and is on the mend. I'm sure you have all missed him around here as much as I have.

I was thinking... In the spirit of the holidays, what if we all chipped in and sent him something to let him know that his Knucklehead brothers are thinking of him. I'd be willing to collect some funds on PayPal and then I'll ask Derek and Brian and Scotty for some advice on what he might like depending on the amount we collect. Maybe BP can make some suggestions, too. If you have ideas of what Casey might want (serious ideas, not jokes), post them below and we can maybe make a poll.

Doesn't have to be anything fancy. $5 each and we could pull together a couple hundred bucks pretty quickly. It's not about "what / how fancy" we get him, but the fact that we were thinking of him. I'll put the gift together with a card and whoever donates your handle and name will be listed in the card.

I think we need at least $50 total for it to be worth it. I'll start off by putting in $10. Send however much money you feel comfortable putting in. $1, $5, $10, $2.79, whatever! I think $10 is a fair max -- nobody should be going broke over an act of kindness.

If you're in, here's how we'll run this:

1) Send however much money you feel comfortable sending to my PayPal account (I setup a special email: getwellcasey *AT* dibart.com). I have been here for 9 years and you guys know I'm not going to steal the $$.

2) Be sure to send your contribution via PayPal Gift so all the money goes to Casey's gift instead of losing 3% to the money gods.

3) In the note or comment field in PayPal, put your real name and your Forum handle. I'll only list the Forum handle here publicly on the forum, but the full name + Forum handle will go in the card we send. If you want to be anonymous, just put anonymous.

4) We'll keep this going until Sunday night. Each night I'll add the new Forum handles who contributed that day to a list in this thread. To keep this fair and open to everyone, I will not list the dollar amounts. I don't want people to feel shamed into contributing more than they can, and don't want it to be a contest. You give what you can, even if it's $1.

5) I'll talk to Derek to help me track down how we send this to Casey.

6) Am I forgetting anything?

I was going to do alphabetical, but that didn't feel right since xjbebop was one of the first to contribute and he'd invariably be listed last. So... reverse alphabetical order!
  • xjbebop
  • Wahoonc
  • TrapperJ
  • threeminutesboy
  • Sweat
  • Smellybum
  • SBMM
  • radrock
  • Quietspike
  • Norrin Radd
  • nathanhny
  • MusicMan_Luke
  • mtrejo
  • mikeller
  • Magic Jason
  • look_at_her
  • larryluke
  • kimonostereo
  • kestrou
  • jones4tone
  • johnnyboogie
  • jlbasscatcher
  • Jim Warnstedt
  • Jamie M
  • Gundar
  • GoKart Mozart
  • GWDavis28
  • gforce013
  • Flash Gordon
  • ErnieJohn
  • Dr.Strangenote
  • DrKev
  • dibart77
  • CW Zing
  • beej
  • banjoplayer
  • anonymous

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Jun 15, 2008
New York
Pretty good so far, guys! That's 21 people so far who have contributed. We have till Sunday night EST for more generous Knuckleheads to enjoy an act of kindness. Come on -- it'll make you feel good! And, more importantly, it'll make Casey feel good -- any major surgery, especially an organ transplant, comes with psychological effects and a bunch of Knuckleheads getting together to show kindness can go a long way. Let's do this!

And if you have ideas of what we could get Casey, post 'em here! BP, if you have any insights, please post here or PM me. Otherwise I'll connect with Derek and Brian on Monday.

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Feb 6, 2013
Danville, IL
Sorry - have been traveling (picking up new custom motorcycle) and just saw this.

Am in - and appreciate you organizing! :)

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