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Apr 12, 2019
I recently changed the strings for the first time on my Majesty. After changing them, I have some pretty bad fret buzz which only occurs around the 4th and 5th frets on the G string.

Could someone share some possible solutions to this? I already tried carefully adjusting the truss rod, but this causes the action to be too high.

I would normally just take this to a guitar repair shop, but there are only 2 near where I live and I don't trust either as they have proven to be sketchy in the past. So my only other hope would be Guitar Center, which a lot of people have advised against.

Also, when changing the strings, I used "Ernie Ball RPS-10 Slinky Nickel Wound, .010 - .046". Are these the ones which come on the 2018 Majesty Monarchy? I'm wondering if the string gauge can cause the fret buzz if different from the strings the guitar came with.



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Jan 27, 2017
10-46 is the same gauge as the factory setting. So, you should be ok with that. A slight adjustment to the truss rod should suffice.


Aug 16, 2004
Toronto, Canada
If you use the same tension strings, there's no reason you'd magically get fret buzz after a string change.

A sign that you've used the right set would be that your bridge is level after the change (since it floats). If the bridge has moved, then you'll want to adjust the claw and get it back to level (or wherever it was before), before you tackle the setup issue.

Beyond that, it's the usual stuff- make sure you have enough relief in the neck (truss rod) by fretting the strings at 1 and 15 or 17, and looking for a small gap under the 7-9 frets. Adjust accordingly. You shouldn't need to touch the saddle height since nothing has changed.

The general rule is that buzzing on the lower frets means you need more relief. Buzzing on the higher frets means you need more saddle height. So you might just need a small truss rod tweak.

Of course you could have something weird like a high fret that's more noticeable now, but you should at least be able to get back to where you were fairly quickly.
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