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Apr 12, 2016
Hello everyone :)
(Just to be clear, I sent the same text to customer support, but just wanted to post it here too in case there were a simple fix, as living in France I hope I won't have to send it back to US...)

I have a problem with my Majesty BFR Marine, bought new in september 2019 from Thomann.

Sound is very very low on bridge pickup, and when engaging the boost push pull, a huge bizarre squeaking sound is heard.
Here is a video uploaded to my youtube which will show you the problem clearly, and also the comparison between my 2 Majestys just to prove it's not an amp or cable problem.
Batteries are new and have been changed 3 times just to be sure.

Check my video here :
Majesty BFR Marine sound problem - YouTube

Precisely, this problem is only happening on bridge pickup, toggle switch all way down.
Oddly, when using the middle position, sound volume is normal, boost is normal, no squeak.
When using top position for the neck pickup, sound volume is normal and boost is normal as well.

However, bridge pickup sound is very low, and boost when engaged on bridge pickup is squeaking very loudly.

If anyone has an idea or simple fix, I'll be very glad to hear it, while waiting for customer support reply of course, which has always been very helpful I must add.

Thanks to everyone :)


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Jan 27, 2017
Hi Desmo,

I'm not a technician by any means, but my guess is that the bridge humbucker is not properly connected onto the pcb board where it goes.
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