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Feb 13, 2021
Seatttle, WA
This week I took delivery of what may have been one of the last new Sabres in the country. To say the least, I’m extremely happy an feel very fortunate to have found it after only about 5 weeks searching for one. It was listed as color Trans-Blonde which makes sense. When I ran the serial number though, it shows it as “Starry Night” which is baffling seeing that dark finish on another guitar.
Do they sometimes get the colors mixed up in the serial database?
Here’s a few iPhone snaps of my new bass.

JayT 943CD278-9203-43F6-A8BE-CD1FD17BE942.jpg 8B347571-B670-446D-9DFB-BAEB12B3FC4B.jpg 27EC8CC2-7F61-44C2-84DC-3667F0A22C96.jpg
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