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Sep 1, 2020
Ordered a few months back...arrived this morning. It's my first Sabre, but not my last. (No, really, I have another one on order from Pete DuBaldo. :) )

The neck feels thicker than my Axes and Lukes, but close to my Cutlass. Haven't actually measured or compared specs, just going by feel right now. Seems like the heaviest of my EBMM guitars, but still comfortable. The pickups...oh the pickups...to be fair, I haven't met any EBMM guitar pickups I haven't liked yet. The Axis pickups have been my favorite, but these might give them a run for the money. They just SING.

The sparkly bass boat finish is absolutely beautiful. It's tempting me to try for the Luke they have in the finish...again. They don't have any Axis models planned for that finish, but I keep asking. :)

smol-2021-05-01 13.35.05.jpg
smol-2021-05-01 13.35.27.jpg
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