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Mar 26, 2007
69 degrees north
perhaps we should get a room.. err own thread i mean ;)

any weekend after 16th october and ill join in.. havent done anything wild in quite a while now so why not? :D



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Jul 16, 2006
whose kid is this

HowD Funseekerz, Happy New Year etc ... and BIG TNX for being here for me
I've been offline for months due to my probs with my chronic condition and, as always, YOUZALL are the best and help me keep going although it seems that over the long run, and, I hate to admit it, the doctorz may be accurate in predicting that I'll not likely play my EBMM basses ever again ... :(:mad: BUT, "What-the-heck do they know?, and, one thing is for sure ... "never count an EBMM player out of the game;)
still, I carry on and faithfully remain a forumite and hang on to my determination, call it my "IRISH":cool::p and, as Screamin Jay Hawkins once said ... " I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T WANT ME, I'M YOUR'Z":D, "Yeah":)... AND FURTHERMORE, MY IMPOSSIBLE RECOVERY IS STILL DEDICATED to YOUZ'ALL HERE AT the EBMM HOMEFIREZ:),

and, on the subject at hand, my dear DAD always advised me to "THINK BEFORE I SAY THINGZ, and " ALWAYZ CLEAN AND PUT YOURTOOLZ BACK WHERE THEY BELONG WHE DONE WITH THEM, and NEVER HIT A GIRL":cool:
Thanx for your patience here with my rambling and I'm just checkin in with this longwinded reply tosay "HELLO", not trying to derail this thread and important subject of good manners, apologiez for this ramble if it'z considered bad mannerz

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