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Active member
Aug 11, 2002
Utah USA
I'll be receiving a new Sterling fretless this week. I suppose it will come with EB Super Slinky's(2834)nickel roundwounds. I've never owned a fretless with an unfinished fingerboard; how well does pau ferro hold up to roundwounds? I've seen this question in your FAQ section, but it does'nt offer much info regarding fingerboard wear other than flatwounds are the easiest on a fingerboard. Would treating it with polymerized tung oil help?
Thanks, D.M.


Ernie Ball Customer Service
Jul 31, 2002
Hey DM,

String preference on a Sterling fretless bass depends on your playing style. The more aggressive and slap style playing you incorporate should determine what strings you put on the bass. Roundwounds will probably put more wear and tear on the neck in the long run than flatwounds, but you may not like the tonal difference. Regarding the polymerized tung oil, please be advised that any modifications will end the warranty on the bass. Lets see if some other forum users have tried it...

Hope this helps,

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