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Jack FFR1846

Well-known member
Feb 17, 2008
Hopkinton, MA
Where does the Extra 7th string go? :eek:

It's called the "rotation" string.

When you either break a string or need new ones, instead of replacing them all, you only replace 1. You see, the strings that are old will stretch. Right? So they are higher in tone when pulled to correct tension because as they stretch, they get smaller. So you put in the new string on the 6th location and move everyone else up one. Won't that give you wound high strings? Well, they didn't tell us this, but no. You can actually unwind the wound strings with an unreleased (but I have my spies) EBMM wound string unwinder. So after removing the D string, you use the unwinder and bam....you have an unwound string to put in the G position.

And that's how the 7th string works.
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