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Cutlass RS trem not returning to pitch after use


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Hey guys! I’m a recent EBMM convert and I am absolutely loving this HSS Cutlass RS! I’ve got a few questions for you gurus out there:

The guitar came with the tremolo flush with the axe, I put a set of elixir 9s on the guitar, pulled out a trem spring leaving two left in a V shape, and have been having issues with tremolo stability since. Whenever I pull down on the trem, if I don’t pull it back to home base the trem won’t return on its own, leaving my strings somewhere between a half and whole step flat until I pull up on it slightly to ‘recenter’ the trem if you will. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

My other question is regarding the trem stiffness. I’ve got two springs in it and am using 9s, I’ve got a slight angle on the floating bridge off the body, but when I pull the trem down it just feels like there is a ton of tension, it’s not easy to move at all. I’ve considered using springs with less tension but does anyone know for sure what the remedy is?

Thanks! Hopefully someone’s got a few minutes of time to enlighten me on these issues. Thanks in advance if so!


Hi there,
Congratulations on your new Cutlass RS! Check your pivot posts to make sure they aren't too low. If the front of the bridge is hitting the body of the guitar, it may be preventing it from returning to tune. This could also cause the tremolo to feel stiff.


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Sounds like you may need to tighten up the screws on the claw where the two remaining springs are just a bit.


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I put some dry lube in the nut slots and on the knife edge contacts, worked like a charm!

Sweet! What kind of lube did you use? A lot of people forget that trem posts need lubrication. Also a nicely cut nut with some lurbrication there helps as well.

I also play brass instruments, an the first suggestion when there is a "rattle" or a "sound" is "lubricate all of the joints".
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