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Sep 4, 2016
I've been trying for months to find out who the artist is who does the Cutlass and Stingray Demos. (as well as others)
I have posted this question numerous times on Youtube and Facebook pages and still have yet to find out. A couple people replied saying it was the guitarist for Dashboard Confessional but after looking them up ... I've determined he is not.
A few others have replied to my posts wondering who he is as well and asking me to contact them if I were to find out.
So .... we are very interested in this guy and really love his style. If he has a band or solo music out there, I would buy it. I can't understand why this guy's identity has been kept so secret but I could listen to his Cutlass and Stingray Demos over and over. (and I have) Awesome player for sure. Who is he? please
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