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Electronics Questions on LUKE SSH EMGs


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Hi Guys. New to this forum but not to forums in general. Fell in love with EBMM guitars years ago and have had many models. Majesty, Axis, EVH, AXIS Super Sports (2), Luke 3's (2) and now a LUKE BFR in SSH

So I picked up this guitar for what I believe was a stupid good price. Mint condition with special Premier Dealer SS frets. The guitar originally came with EMG's. The previous owner swapped them out for a set of Bareknuckle Cobras and Blackhawks. The pickups in the guitar now really sound very good. Expeciall when volume is rolled down. I am not a metal player. Mostly Blues and Fusion.

Anyway, while the previous owner included the Original pickups, pots, switch and output jack he did not include the wiring for the pickups. While I don't think I will ever put back the EMGs ya never know, right... So my question is where can I get the wiring for the EMG's as installed by EB?

What is also strange is it seems that EB solders the EMGs to the pots instead of using the EMG solderless connectors. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance my friends


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Not sure, as I don't know much about the electronic side of guitars, but when one of my EMG's was shorting out in my Luke it literally was the easiest thing in the world to replace it. There was just a little clip at the end of the wire coming out of the pickup. I unhooked the bad pickup, clipped the new one it, and was done in about 20 seconds. Not sure if that is what you mean about connecting to the pots.
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