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Dec 30, 2020
So all the work on the house is now finished and I thought I'd take some photos of my 2004 MM JP6 Radiance Red limited edition. I remember coming on here before Xmas last year and you guys convinced me to but it. It is a beautiful guitar and my dreams came true when I picked her up in January and handed over £1200 cash. I sold most of my guitar collection which were good guitars but moreso budget guitars and I always promised myself I would get a 'boutique' guitar one day. That's a strange term but I think it justifies the difference between budget models and the real day. This thing just feels beautiful and has a sweet neck. The tremolo still blows me away. Piezo sounds really good even though I was a bit confused about it week ( hence my previous thread )

So here she is in all her glory.


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Aug 5, 2021
Wow, I love that color. Do you find the piezo useful? I used to have a PRS hollow body II with the piezo and found I never used it. I've got a couple of boutique guitars too, so well done!
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