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Jul 8, 2006
Somewhere between Paris, Dublin, and Buffalo
My old amp recently died on me and I decided on replace rather than repair. I almost bought a Tonemaster DR, but in the end decided that most of the players I loved were not using Fenders for the driven tones, even though that’s the clean tone I have always dreamed of. Next best thing? MESA!

So I picked up this Mesa Express 5:25 at a low price. It was disgustingly dirty and needed a new grille cloth but it turned out great. The clean tones are amazing! I have never been so happy with my tone!😎



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Mar 30, 2019
Jamming with a great drummer yesterday with only my Cutlass, a Gibson GA-15 Goldtone, and an El Pescadoro. GA-15 is more or less an AC15 in a compact 1x10 combo, Pescadoro is meant to imitate the Chess records house reverb on the verb side and the 40s octal tube amp sound on the drive side. Sounded big and raw and rude, perfect. Only serious issue is that the noise floor of this pedal into a bright amp is right up there.


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Oct 28, 2018
One you might not think of is Budda. I have a Superdrive 30 (pre-Peavey because I'm a snob) and Dual Stage 30. All my EBMM's seem a little brighter, kind of hi-fi, compared to other guitars. Being a little warmer, the Buddas really balance out the tone. I had the Superdrive 30 turned up a little louder than normal with an Axis SS tonight and it sounded fantastic.

They need to be turned up a bit to get into the sweet spot and they are surprisingly LOUD for a 30 watter. It's a very happy kind of loud, though.
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