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Sep 5, 2020
Longmont, CO
Wiring Question:

I look forward to more GC development for sure - I think the system is spectacular, and I'd like it on everything.

I actually had my guitar modded with stainless steel frets, and SD P-rails pickups neck and bridge, with a Lindy Fralin Steel Pole 42 in the middle. Sweet jeebus, those upgrades made an already magical guitar even magicaller. It's not perfect at every single thing, but it's perfect at every single thing I want.

I couldn't help but notice that there's a spot on the circuit board for a sixth pickup. How would one go about making that work, I wonder? Would the app detect the sixth coil to allow configuration? Just think of the possibilities.

I've just installed P-Rails in my Bridge and Neck position, and I've got a Fralin Steel Pole 42 being built by Lindy right now. Can you share photos of how you have the wiring connected to the PU1 - PU5 contacts in your GC?
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