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Is it normal for retailers to sell EBMM guitars manufactured several years ago?



I've been on the verge of purchasing an EBMM JPXI-7 guitar for months, now. I finally went to pull the trigger last night, but after searching up the product serial (to ensure it is legit), I discovered that the guitar was manufactured in July 2015. Everything sold on this retailer website appears to be brand new unless blatantly specified. So, does anyone know if this is completely normal? Perhaps EBMM last manufactured a bulk of JPXI guitars in 2015, and still haven't sold them all? Was it lost in a warehouse? I hope this isn't a dealbreaker as it is my favourite, but other candidates are a JP-7 BFR ruby flame (manufactured July 2019) and a JP15 BFR eminence purple (manufactured late 2018). The XI is my favourite, however.

Link to listing:

Music Man John Petrucci JPXI 7 Onyx | DV247 | en-GB


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Hi and welcome! I would contact the retailer directly and ask about the guitar. I would say that's not necessarily "normal" but not out of the realm of possibility. Ask them if it is in fact brand new and unsold and get their assurances. Also inquire about their return policy. Good luck! :)


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A lot of store have NOS = New/Old Stock, maybe it was misplaced or they decided to hang onto it until the aren't made anymore to have something others don't. I've bought may a guitar as NOS, sometimes they are great deals!!

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Sometimes we hold back special guitars for several years before putting them up for sale. We haven't done that in a while, though - I believe our longest hold was almost 10 years.


Thanks for all your reassurances! Wow, 10 years.. I have bought (and returned) a BFR majesty in recent months which was made in 2018. I thought that was abnormal, but I suppose this isn't anything to worry about at all. As long as the guitar has been stored in the correct environment and is as new as it was on the day it was manufactured, I have no concern!

P.S.- those 'diablo blue' guitars are stunning!!


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Glad we could help! Welcome (soon) to the family and don't be a stranger! Almost forgot - we expect :) a NGD post upon arrival and it doesn't exist without pics!!! :) :) :)


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There's a small store near me that definitely has stuff hanging on their wall for years at a time. I'd say over half their stock is north of $3k (sometimes north of $10k) so it takes a little time to find the right buyer, even in a music town (and with an online presence).


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My axis sport was NOS. Build date was 2002 and I bought it in 2004. The retailer actually had 2 of them for sale at that time.


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My Mystic Dream JP6 (post 2012) was NOS, best find I ever came across and my Arctic Dream Majesty 7 was mega-clearance from Guitar Center, so basically NOS as well (bought in 2019).
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Yeah not unusual at all. My local guitar shop might still have an HSH black Reflex/Gamechanger. I think it was still on the wall a year ago.


No store really wants gear sitting around. They pay for it in advance so selling fast is the goal. And the longer it sits taking up space that other faster selling guitars can move through, the less money they make. BUT, stores want high end guitars available too and the higher the price, the slower they sell. It's not abnormal for some high end guitars to sit around for a few years. But your warranty should be from date of purchase and if the guitar is sold as new, then there is no reason to suspect that there is anything wrong at all.

And when you know that guitar has been sitting around for a while, you can often negotiate the price down quite a bit. Remind them how many Fenders they can move through that same spot on the wall. :)
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