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Jun 3, 2020
Hi there,

So I noticed on the JP-15 that I just purchased the nut is catching the string and ‘pinging’ and also the tremolo springs are making a lot of noise that I going right through the pickups and into the amp. I have read about these issues from other users. I’d like to know if it’s considered normal or if the guitar would need to go for a setup. I would appreciate hearing from any other recent buyers. Thanks!


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Aug 24, 2012
New Jersey
If you get pinging, I would recommend getting some graphite or other lubricant for the nut. That means the string is binding and can cause issues.

Tremolo springs make noise unfortunately, which isn't a problem unless you go into the really high gain territory. There are many ways to eliminate this. I grabbed some 3/16 outer diameter vinyl hose, and I put a length inside each spring. Works great and relatively cheap.
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