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Jul 6, 2020
JP15 and Shure GLXD16 trouble

I got myself a new GLXD16 pedal wireless.

It doesn't works well with my JP15 and MarK V.

On the clean channel I can hear a kind of clipping espescialy when playing low notes. I tried to lower the unit gain at -10 db and it is still there.

My question for you guys, if you use the GLXD16 , how much gain do you have to cut so that it works with that wireless ?

Any tips to make it all fit ?

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Jul 18, 2006
It has something to do with the type of output jacks mm uses and the preamp for the piezo. Some wireless manufacturers recommend not using the trs type plug that the wireless often use and using a 1/4 inch barrel connector for the wireless and a standard 1/4 inch short patch cable to the guitar. I dont use the piezo on my jp6 so I dont leave a battery in the gtr either. My wireless works fine plugged directly in or the extension cable.
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