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Question: JP6 BFR 2011 Spec


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Hi guys,

I hope you are all well. I'm just after some info regarding a 2011 JP6 BFR I might have the chance to buy. Does anyone know the full spec of that years model? I know it's an alder body with a mahogany tone block and a mahogany neck and has the Crunch lab and Liquifire pickups in.

I just wanted to know more about the electronics really. I'm guessing it has the preamp in there with the boost on the vol block? Also did they ever have the coil splits on that model? Or was that introduced later on?

I was tempted to go for one of the 20th anniversary models but I'm not loving the forearm scoop if I I'm honest. I then saw this 2011 model come up preowned in cherry burst and thought it might be worth a look. I've decided to sell my JP15 as I prefer my Majesty and the thinner neck on the JP6 appeals to me a little more. I know the Majesty has the same neck profile as the JP15 but I think I'd like to try a JP6 just to see the difference.

Anyway appreciate any info you guys might know on this model.

Many thanks



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Yes, it is an alder body, mahogany tone block, maple cap, and mahogany neck, and likely a rosewood fretboard with nickel frets.

The boost made its debut on the JP13, and was not used on the Maple Top/BFR JP. The coil split will be on the tone control as a push/pull, and will only function in the middle magnetic toggle position.


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Thanks Pete, appreciate it! I to doesn't look like I'll be able to do the deal after all but good to know if one ever comes up again!
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