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Jun 7, 2016
Paragould, AR
Gotta share my most recent acquisition with my EBMM peeps... I just took delivery of a Shaw Full Tilt 30 amp and a new-to-me, long-discontinued, and quite rare Forte 3D 2x12 vertical cab. I loaded the cab with a Celestion G12-65 and a Celestion Blue... plugged my Valentine (in D standard with factory 11 gauge strings) and a TC Hall of Fame reverb into the EF86 side of the amp.... what came out what the most heavenly tone I have ever experienced. I have been a Helix devotee since they were released and challenged everyone I have played with to get a better tone with an all tube rig... and subsequently convinced several tube-snob friends to purchase a Helix. This amp/cab/speaker combo has just convinced me. I will continue to use Helix for convenience but I had to tell someone about this amp. As I understand it from the specs, it looks to be very similar in design to a Matchless HC30 but with mondo massive Mercury Magnetics transformers. No matter, it is incredible and worth a little gushing... I have not tried any of my other EBMMs with it yet as I could not put down the Val but I am sure they will all sound equally fantastic. I will throw some photos up later... I cannot even sleep thinking about it...

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