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Jul 17, 2021
Hi all,

Bought first EBMM guitar a lovely blue 7 string Majesty BFR model:
Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Majesty 7 - Bali Blue Burst | The Axe Palace

It should arrive sometime next week and really looking forward to playing it through my new Bogner Uberschall Twinjet amp for some fun metal tones. I wanted a Mesa Boogie JP2C amp to have the JP experience but the Mesa amps are way delayed so all good.

What precautions do I need to take to avoid frying the sensitive electronics and piezo system of the guitar?


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Oct 31, 2007
Jersey City, NJ
I've had a number of JP's, and I've never had any trouble with the electronics. My current Tiger Eye Maj will hold with anything. If you plan on blending the piezo with the magnetic, I usually dial the piezo way back and gently roll in to taste, for getting that low end clarity.

I used to use with a JP-2C, and the JP-2C was MUCH more sensitive and fragile than the JP guitars - lol. Make sure you get a warranty with your Boogie. . . Mine was serviced more than I actually owned it.
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