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Jul 17, 2021
Hey folks 👋

I recently got a 7 strings JP15 from Thomann. The guitar is playing fine, but today I noticed that the bridge is not really aligned with the body. English is not my native language so I find hard to describe the problem, so here's a picture.


You can see that the screw of the first string is partially covered by the body, while the one from the seventh string is normal.

Does anyone know if this is normal? If not, is it easily fixable, like for example by adjusting the trem claw? Or should I look into returning it?



Jul 8, 2006
Somewhere between Paris and Buffalo
Hi! welcome to the forum and congratulations on a great guitar!

That is a simple thing to fix by adjusting the mounting post on the treble (1st string) side of the bridge. If you do so, you will of course have to adjust the saddles to maintain the action (the string height over the frets) at its current level.

Of course, if the guitar plays well now, you do not need to do this immediately. You can wait until the next string change.
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