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Newby just saying hello.


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Dec 17, 2011
Ocala Fl
WOW! Thanks every one for the warm welcome,Five7..I'm a Proud member of SUBBOC..I am on the classifieds a lot looking for more..I am a big fan of EB basses,I only bought my first sub because it was a steal at 300.00 with new strings and a case.Now I am on that bass every day.I have owned Fender jazz mim,Warwick Corvette,G&L L2000 and this sub is by far my favorite.I did played this guys U.S. Stingray sterling when I bought his ampeg 410 cab for a moment and that thing was heavenly,Ah I want them all.Maybe one day a roasted black Stingray family reserve.yes I found my way to the EBMM Bass and am selling and trading the others off to fund more..
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