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NYNGD #5: New Year New Guitar Days!


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Hi everyone! Thanks again for all the cool posts on NYNGD #1, #2, #3, and #4! We're getting closer to the reveal of my stunning new 2012 PDN guitar!

So, let's get on with another belated NGD: NYNGD (New Year's New Guitar Day) Number 5!

Today we have yet another Silhouette Classic Reissue, this time in Translucent Teal:




Another stellar example of a Classic Reissue Silhouette, this time in translucent teal. It should be noted that this teal is actually much more green than the original '90s teal, which was more of an aqua blue color. However, just look at how amazingly the swamp ash body's grain shows through this finish. Wow! In addition to the good looks, this guitar sounds stellar!



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Well, I think I was the only one who wasn't so keen on the purple, but good grief this Teal bad boy brings it back home big time. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

Talk about vicarious, this is almost as much fun as owning them myself! I don't have to worry about storage, don't feel guilty about not playing them enough, don't have to worry about resale and don't have to worry about the wife finding out or spying the delivery truck! Do you do amps as well Jeff? Or motorcycles? I could save a fortune:D
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