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Feb 16, 2019
Hi gang.
Looking for some tips.
Have the awesome Valentine but want to put my own PUPs (two humbuckers) in as they are custom jobbies.
Questions are this...

1) On the Valentine PCB, connecting a new neck humbucker looks simple enough - matching up the wires to the different spots on the PCB. But what are the color codes for EBMM four cable humbuckers? Same as Duncan? Or something else? Once I figure out the corresponding wires, the install is straight forward.

2) For the bridge, there are three wire connections, Red, White and bare (ground).
What are the red and white wires for? On most single coil installs, therer is Hot and Ground.
Just trying to figure out how to swap the single coil out for my HB (straight swap, no splitting or fancy stuff).

Many thanks!!


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Nov 1, 2016
South Wales , UK
I swapped my bridge for a P90 love it now, ordered a two wire and ground, and even though the colours were different, cut and spliced the wires to connect. Didnt fancy touching the cct board with a soldering iron, tiny connections.
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